For years now, we have been coming up with every way possible to fight back against gas prices.  Our electric fan conversion kits are one big way we found to do just that.  With test after test to find just the right set up, we have a great solution for a lot of vehicle owners today.  Our kits are Fully Adjustable, meaning you set the temperature you want the fans to come on and turn off at.  Our kits are designed using our high performance, low maintenance, ultra quiet, Cyclone electric cooling fans.  Our fans have high torque, low amp draw, high RPM ball bearing motors.  Everything about our fans is top of the line.  That's why they come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  

A few of the bonuses that you will reap after installing one of our electric fan conversion kits: 10-15% better gas mileage.  You will shave 10-20 pounds of dead weight off of the front of your vehicle.  You will get rid of that annoying "whirl wind" sound that the factory fan makes, as our fan systems are almost silent.   Your vehicle will gain anywhere from 7-20 horsepower at the wheels, that you will feel after the first drive.  Your air conditioner will blow colder than it ever has and will not labor the engine as the old clutch fan did.  You will remove stress from your water pump, extending the life of the water pump three fold.  Your vehicle will run cooler and smoother than it ever has, this you will notice from first start up.  Our kits will also give you the ability to allow you to set the temperature that you want your fans to kick on at.  So, you hot rodders out there, you can set your systems at 160 degrees to give you the most power possible.  Gas mileage freaks and daily commuters, you can set your system to kick on at 210 degrees to give you the cleanest burning engine and the best gas mileage possible.  

Our kits come with everything needed to convert your crank driven fan to an electric unit which will not only save you gas, it will increase your horsepower, and at the same time, reduce the amount of stress on your engine.  This is a WIN WIN WIN WIN situation.  Our kits are designed to pay for themselves in less than a years time.  Your results will be noticed your first drive and your first fill up.

We have taken the time to test fit each application we sell, guaranteeing fitment and performance on your stock radiator.  Our kits are designed with "over kill" in mind, more CFM than the engine needs, no blocked airflow, and low amp draw from our ultra fans.  Our kits have been tested in summer heats up to 110 degrees, with stop and go traffic, on the highway and at flat idle.  If it doesn't pass our testing, it doesn't get sold, plain and simple. 

We have had people from Nevada that have asked for a kit, but if we feel that in the summer months it will not cool that vehicle up to our standards, then we tell them "sorry it's not going to work, stick with your factory setup"  We are first class, here to help the average person save a buck and get performance to boot.  We won't sell it if we feel it won't work for you.

The fans:  Our FF Dynamics Ultra Cooling Fans contain high RPM motors with dual ball bearings.  Custom, reinforced, torch red cages with precision pitched curved S blades for maximum CFM.  Blade assemblies are fully balanced.  Each fan comes with its own installation mounting kit to mount the fan to the radiator.  Keeping the fan as close as possible for extra cooling.

The Adjustable Control Module*:  The control module will allow you to adjust your fans to turn on at any temperature between 125 and 230 degrees with the turn of a dial.  You decide the temp you want the fans to turn on at.  This controller will also allow the fans to be turned on automatically when the air conditioning is turned on.  This is fully fused and short circuit protected.  Very simple hook up, less than 1 hour for people with basic automotive skills.  Temperature hook up has a slide through radiator probe to make the install fast and clean.  All wires are color coded so the directions are as simple as possible. *

With the climbing sky high gas prices, don't you think it is time to use every trick in the book to fight back?  Get every mile to the gallon that you car can provide and free up horsepower and reduce the stress on your engine today!!!

*(There are a small number of applications that do not include the control module, thus not making it fully adjustable,, each application will specify if it does include control module)

*Product Disclaimer

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